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I’ve still not picked up a ”next-gen” console yet, and I’m still holding off strong until 2022, even though I’ve had a couple of opportunities to buy both. Since I’ve been playing a load of Forza the last couple of weeks again, I thought I’d do a post on Xbox’s gamepass service – which I think is amazing value for money.

If you are new to gamepass, its essentially a subscription service where they add games to an already vast catalogue of games and you can download them to your console and play them.

I managed to do the £1 upgrade from Xbox live Gold (3 year sub) to a Gamepass ultimate sub of the same 3 year length (includes Xbox on PC games also), some time back and I’ve been loving it ever since.

October and November is going to be an extra special month though, we have Back 4 Blood dropping in October, Visage (if your a horror fan like me, is a must play), and Forza Horizon 5 coming later in November as well. I’m particularly looking forward to Visage, as I’ve been eyeing it up on steam for ages now and I’ll finally be able to play it on gamepass tomorrow.

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You’ll probably remember not too long ago (pre Final Fantasy XV release at E3 2016) that alongside the release of the main FFXV game, Square Enix also announced they’d be releasing a retro-styled, side scrolling rpg, prelude title to the main game, called A Kings Tale: Final Fantasy XV. Back then the only way to get your hands on this was to pre-order your copy of Final Fantasy XV from Gamestop or EB games in the US.


Not anymore however.

Square Enix have just confirmed (well…not officially), that A King’s tale: Final Fantasy XV will be available to download and play via the EU PlayStation store and Microsoft store on the 1st of March for FREE. Theres been no word on the US release, but I’m going to go with my gut on this one and say its going to – more than likely – be released in the US and in other countries at the same time. Great news whoever was looking forward to giving this a go back then and didn’t get the chance to.

A king’s tale is set 30 years before the main story of Final Fantasy XV and begins with Noctis’ Dad, King Regis, reading Noctis (who is a kid in this game) a bed-time story. Fed up (bored) of his Dad reading the same stories from the book, Noctis decides to ask his Dad to share some of his most daring, adventure stories with him.

The story follows King Regis and companions; Cid, Clarus and Weskham through the city of Insomnia to protect the city from invading monsters and beasts. Checkout the trailer below:



As we hit the half way mark at E3, we take a look at the biggest announcements over the past couple of days, also highlighting the games I’m most looking forward to.

What were your highlights from E3? Let me know in the comments section below.

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