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A new first person 6v6 Gundam, Gundam Evolution game is coming to PC in Japan in 2022, with beta testing taking place later next month in August. Sadly for us in the West, this is tied to Japan only at the moment, so who knows if we will ever see a Western release at a later time or not.

The game will be free to play and hosts small sized 6v6 PVP battles with various game modes such as; domination / capture the flag, all set in the gundam universe. Play style looks similar to Overwatch and other shooters, and whilst I personally think it looks great fun, we will need to see how it plays and what other features it has built in.

I’m crossing my fingers for a Western release sometime in the future but I highly doubt it sadly (Since we never seem to get a load of awesome Japanese games over here). More information can be found at (can translate to English in browser)

Check out some 9 minute gameplay footage below (courtesy of Master PenDragon on YouTube):


FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a very useful and easy way to upload files to your website hosting server.

FTP simply allows you to transfer files from one computer to another. This means we can use FTP to transfer files to and from our PC to our website server, and vice versa.

All you need in order to achieve this is the following:

  • An account with a hosting company (i.e SiteGround)
  • Your hostname
  • Your FTP username & Password
  • A FTP program (such as Filezilla, WinSCP…)

Step (1). 

Make sure you’ve got an account with a hosting company (in this example we will use, Siteground).

Step (2). 

Login to your account on the hosting company website.

Step (3). 

Once logged in, click on ”manage account – n.b other hosting websites may have a different interface, but you want to go into ”your account” essentially, regardless of who your hosting company is.

For Siteground, click > manage account > Information and settings.

Step (4).  Continue Reading