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As we all know, Metroid Dread is out this Friday, 8th of October on Nintendo Switch.

All will be revealed soon if us lucky ones who pre-ordered it at the misprice of £26.99 on Currys (UK) website will have it honoured or not *fingers crossed*. There is still plenty of time to pre-order it, of course, at the normal price of £40+ on various other websites, including Nintendo and the eshop directly. I can’t wait to try this out. I’ve seen some footage from Nintendo Life playing it and it looks like it plays super buttery smooth, so roll on Friday. I’ve not played Metroid for ages so I’m really looking forward to picking this one up.

Are you picking this one up or giving it a miss? Let me know in the comments below.

If like me your addicted to Animal Crossing, you’ll be happy to hear that Nintendo just announced the upcoming series of FREE seasonal updates to our beloved Animal Crossing Franchise.

These updates will start from tomorrow, April 23rd, and continue all the way through to the end of June!. From Nintendos video, it appears updates include a whole range of expansions, events, new characters and experiences for the players to enjoy, full list below:

  • Treasure Trawler (Jolly Redd)

Jolly Redd will be patrolling the high seas and stop off at players’ islands randomly to sell off some of his unique art pieces and furniture items. If I’ve done my homework correctly, the player, if like last iterations of the game, will need to guess which piece of his art are REAL or FAKE. Buying a real piece of art will allow the player to donate this to the new museum expansion, the art gallery.

  • April 23rd – May 4th – Nature Day

Grab your watering cans and plant feeder ! Nature Day will be celebrated in game with lots of nook mile, nature-inspired, special challenges. Planting shrubs, flowers, trees, and watering flower beds and the like I’d imagine ! There may be some nice rewards too once all the challenges are complete, but we will need to find out !

  • Leif’s Garden Shop – Island Visitor

Expect regular island visits from Nature-boy, Leif, as he comes to offer some of his special saplins, flowers and other nature related goodies to plant around your island.

  • May 1st – May 7th – May Day Mystery Tour 

We may not be able to travel anywhere currently due to lockdown regulations amidst covid-19, however lets pack our virtual  weekend luggage, as AC players will be able to take a special nook miles flight to a new special island thats different from the usual ”mystery islands” your used to ! There are rumours there may be a special visitor there too, who could it be ?

  • May 18th – May 31st – International Museum Day

After receiving your special stamp card, players will earn in game rewards after collecting stamps on their museum stamp card.

  • June 1st – June 30th – Wedding Season

Looks like newlyweds Reece and Cyrus are at Harvey’s island, its your job to help take some wedding / anniversary photos of them. Players will be rewarded with wedding themed items during this event.

All in all a nice list of more animal crossing goodness ! Should keep players engaged and occupied enough during lockdown.


You can now download the Resident Evil 5 & 6 Demo’s from the Nintendo eShop and pre-order both games right now.

Lock and Load: Chris Redfield and his partner Sheva Alomar Credit: Capcom

These games have been out for almost every platform I can think of now. I had Resident Evil 5 on the PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and PC. I also had Resident Evil 6 on PS3, Xbox 360 and bagged it on PC years ago for about £2.30 or something stupid.

These games on the Switch aren’t cheap though, £29.99 each ! but if you want them, I’d definitely recommend Resident Evil 5 as the couch co-op is great fun. It’s gameplay is very similar to Resident Evil 4 but you get the fun of playing it co-op with you and a buddy. Both games are going to be released in full on the 29th of October. If your buying the physical triple pack of these games, you’ll get Resident Evil 4 on physical cartridge and the other two (Resi 5 & 6) will be digital downloads set to be 18.7GB & 17.6GB respectively, so keep that in mind.

Go check them out !

Nintendo’s eShop Summer Sale has just begun for the Nintendo Switch, 3DS and the Wii U (albeit x2 games on the WiiU).

If you thought Stranger Things 3 had a badass monster in it, wait until you check out this monstrous list (courtesy of Nintendo Life and Hot UK Deals)….

Some games are, in Nintendo fashion, still over priced but theres some great games at great prices on offer here – fire up your switches and 3ds’ and check them out.  Sale ends 25th July 2019.

Full Sale list below….

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Nintendo is literally hours away from giving us all the juicy official details of their latest console, the Nintendo Switch. It seemed like it would be an age before Nintendo revealed all to us eager fans, but the time has finally come.

Nintendo’s full unveiling of the new console including: launch price, spec details and launch games will be shown to the world on the 13th of January at 4am (GMT). I’ll be capturing all the important details from the presentation and writing a separate article on it.

If you haven’t done so already, register your interest for the Switch (plus a chance to win a Nintendo Switch) via the official Nintendo website (UK) here: https://store.nintendo.co.uk/ninint/competition.account?comp=SWITCH&widget_id=504846

If your as hyped as I am and reckon you’ll make the early start (depending on your time zone of course), then you can watch the live stream below: