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I tried RGB modding my JVC TM-150CG PVM a while back with some help from the guide over on the Shmups forums, but wanted a cleaner, all round, better looking install / finish to what I had done.

After scouring reddit, someone suggested just buying the input card for it, which at the time (late 2019), the official ones were real pricey at around £200-£400, depending on where you bought them from. With a little bit of searching earlier this year in 2021, I came across the JVC IF-C01COMG RGB card from Retro Upgrades UK  (link) that was compatible with my model

So I decided to purchase the RGB unit from them. They also have the BNC (YPbPr) version for component connectors, all for £49.99 which are compatible with the following JVC monitors:


JVC IF-C01COMG BNC YPbPr card for JVC Monitors – Image courtesy of Retro Upgrades UK

Simple plug and play setup, slide the card into the slot on the back of the PVM and you are good to go. It really is that simple. You also have the added benefit of using… Continue Reading

I know what you are probably thinking, or perhaps not thinking, but…PS2 in 2021, why? Well, why not? the PS2 is still an awesome machine, even in 2021. I’m sure loads of folk would agree.

I decided to dust off my PS2 slim after over a year lying dormant and started to test some of my backups, all of which were skipping FMV’s and crashing so i thought, the lasers probably on its way out. Sad and crying (not really) I looked into alternative options to see what I could do to get it back up and running with better performance. OpenPS2Loader is one solution which I’d highly recommend. I’d heard of this a while ago, so thought I’d finally take a dive into checking it out to see what it was all about, and its honestly the best thing you could ever do for your PS2.

There’s plenty of guides out there so I wont go into the details here, but check out the videos from Phoenix Media:

This is also heavily documented on

There is also a huge community forum over at – that shows you how to install themes / discuss game compatibility, issues, and so on.

What is it?

psx-pi-smbshare is a preconfigured Raspbian based image for Raspberry Pi 1, 2, 3 and 4. It runs a Samba share, a pi-compatible build of ps3netsrv, and reconfigures the ethernet port to act as a router. This gives low-latency, direct access to the Samba service through an ethernet cable connection between a PS2/PS3 and Raspberry Pi.

Essentially, you are setting up the Pi as a router (connected to the PS2. Pi ethernet port configured to talk to the PS2 ethernet port), then through the PS2 OpenPS2Loader app (when configured) the Pi will access the USB stick or HDD through this ethernet connection between the devices, allowing you to play your PS2 backups all through the neat UI on the PS2. This method is much better than running a HDD through the PS2’s USB 1.1 port for obvious reasons. Through the PS2 USB port you will inevitably encounter FMV and game lag plus sound stuttering due to how slow the 1.1 port is.

All you need for this is a USB drive (or externally powered hard disk drive – in my case), a raspberry PI (doesn’t matter if its a pi0,1,2,3,4 etc), and an ethernet cable, plus a soft modded PS2 (with free mcboot).

I used a really old raspberry PI B+ model (yes that old) and a 500GB SSD in an external enclosure (with external power) for mine and it works a treat following the guides / github above.

There is also a nifty tool (USBUtil 2.2v) that will prep / patch backup game files greater than 4.5Gb into smaller parts that you can copy to the USB stick or hard drive, ready to play. OPL manager is another program for PC which will gather game images / box art and so on so that all your games look sweet through the PS2 UI. Check out some of the screenshots of it completed and working below:

Testing with a USB 3.0 Stick (64Gb)

Completion: Using a 500Gb external SSD in a (powered) caddy connected to the PS2 via ethernet cable. Beautiful.

This mod, alongside the PS2 connected to my PVM with RBG is the ultimate PS2 mod in my opinion. To add new backups I just connect the HDD to my PC, run the games through the USBUtil 2.2 program, then OPL manager to gather the box art etc, then put them onto the drive, and then reconnect it back up to the PS2 via ethernet, turn it all on, and its good to go.

If you have a PS2 and want to ”save” its laser, or just fancy a little side project (like I did), give this one a go. You won’t be disappointed.

If like me, you were around a Sega MegaDrive (Genesis in the US) growing up in the 90’s, you’d probably be one of the ones hyped for the 4th instalment of the Streets of Rage franchise last week. Streets of Rage first launched back in 1992 on the MegaDrive and was a 16-bit, 2D, side scrolling, beat-em up game, it was fantastic.

Fast forward a whole 26 years, yes 26 years after the 3rd game was released, and Streets of Rage 4 drops on all major platforms. Is the game worth picking up? Was it a cheap nostalgia cash in ?

Read-more to find out….

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Lets be honest, the last release of the Commodore 64 (named the Commodore 64 mini) wasn’t all that was it ? The keyboard was only for show, so you couldn’t use it at all and yeah, it just didn’t get the love it deserved.


All you Commodore 64 and nostaglia-heads rejoice as this December, the Commodore 64 is getting the love it deserves, with a brand new, albeit slightly more expensive, but totally worth it in every-way imaginable, iteration – just in time for Christmas !

This version is not only full size, but also has a fully functioning keyboard (yes – you read that right !). The system will come with HDMI out to connect to any HDMI monitor or TV and will display in 720p. The C64 will come with three modes; C64, vic 20 and games carousel and also has built-in USB ports to save/load and sideload your own games. Check out the x64 in built games list below:

alleykat, anarchy, attack of the mutant camels, Avenger, battle Valley, bear bovver, boulder dash, bounder, California games, chips challenge, confuzion, cosmic causeway, cyberdyne warrior, cybernoid II, deflektor, Destroyer, Everyone’s a Wally, fire Lord, galencia, Gateway to apshai, gribbly’s day out, gridrunner (vic 20), heartland, herobotix, Highway encounter, hover bovver, impossible mission, impossible mission II, IO, iridis Alpha, jump man, Mega apocalypse, mission ad, Monty Mole, Monty on the run, Nabulus, Netherworld, nodes of yesod, paradroid, pit stop II, planet of death, psychedelia (vic 20), ranarama, Robin of the wood, Silicon warrior, skate crazy, speedball 2, spindizzy, Steel, Street sports baseball, Street sports basketball, summer games II (includes summer games events), Super cycle, sword of Far goal, Temple of apshai trilogy, the Arc of yesod, thing bounce back, thing on a spring, trailblazer, Uridium, who dares wins II, winter Games, world games, zynaps.

The unit will also have full C64 and vic 20 BASIC built in allowing you to program your own games or do a little bit of coding in BASIC. A new joystick is also bundled in the package, with brand new switches so lets see how it compares to the joystick we saw in the mini version.

The Commodore 64 is being released on the 5th of December this year just in time for Christmas and I reckon it makes for an ideal Christmas present for any retro gaming fan.

When the PlayStation Classic was initially released, I, like many of you were pretty dissapointed with all the negative reviews online, especially relating to the UK version of the unit that had itsoriginal display setting of 50Hz, which was reported to make the games look really jittery when playing.

I ended up cancelling my pre-order, which looking back was a good thing. I managed to finally get my hands on a PS classic at a small gaming expo and I know exactly why people were complaining – they had every right to!. When my niece played cool boarders on it I couldn’t believe how bad it played, it just looked like I could see almost every frame taking place right in front of my eyes. It was a total mess.

Thankfully though, as most of you are probably aware by now, especially those of you how own a PS classic mini – BleemSync has come to the rescue!  You can install this piece of software onto a USB stick and load your own PS1 games onto it plus a whole lot more, blowing the back-doors off your PS mini. For us UK owners, we can finally change the gameplay display frequency from 50Hz to 60Hz which makes the games run a hell of a lot smoother. I managed to bag a PS classic in the Prime Day sale here in the UK for £15, less with the rest of my discount I had, so I ended up paying about £11 or so for it.

Without further adieu then, lets talk BleemSync, what is it?, what does it do? and how do we get it up and running on the PS Classic Mini  ? Click ”continue reading” below to find out….


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Fife’s biggest gaming day EVER is coming to Kirkcaldy!

Society Club Kirkcaldy, Battle Lounge Fife, Showcase VR and Press Start Gaming Scotland are bringing a day and evening of gaming like you’ve never seen before!

We will have:

A retro gaming area: multiple consoles and games from the past – PS1, N64, Dreamcast just to name a few. With games you’ll love such as Mario Kart 64, Crash Bandicoot and many many more.


VR: We will have VR taster experiences with and array of games using the best tech in the field right now!

This will be an all day event with a session for kids and one just for adults from (with times to be agreed), Both sessions will have specific tournaments and activities!

There may be stalls with all Gaming Goodies!

Gaming Stalls will be also available.

Tickets will be £5: 

Kids Session 10am – 3:30pm – Everyone attending (All Kids and Accompanying Adults) will pay £5, the reason is to make sure we don’t over crowd this event and know numbers in the building for health and safety.

Adults Ticket 4:30pm – 9:00pm – £5 for everyone attending.