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A new first person 6v6 Gundam, Gundam Evolution game is coming to PC in Japan in 2022, with beta testing taking place later next month in August. Sadly for us in the West, this is tied to Japan only at the moment, so who knows if we will ever see a Western release at a later time or not.

The game will be free to play and hosts small sized 6v6 PVP battles with various game modes such as; domination / capture the flag, all set in the gundam universe. Play style looks similar to Overwatch and other shooters, and whilst I personally think it looks great fun, we will need to see how it plays and what other features it has built in.

I’m crossing my fingers for a Western release sometime in the future but I highly doubt it sadly (Since we never seem to get a load of awesome Japanese games over here). More information can be found at https://gundamevolution.jp/ (can translate to English in browser)

Check out some 9 minute gameplay footage below (courtesy of Master PenDragon on YouTube):


If like me, you were around a Sega MegaDrive (Genesis in the US) growing up in the 90’s, you’d probably be one of the ones hyped for the 4th instalment of the Streets of Rage franchise last week. Streets of Rage first launched back in 1992 on the MegaDrive and was a 16-bit, 2D, side scrolling, beat-em up game, it was fantastic.

Fast forward a whole 26 years, yes 26 years after the 3rd game was released, and Streets of Rage 4 drops on all major platforms. Is the game worth picking up? Was it a cheap nostalgia cash in ?

Read-more to find out….

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One of my fondest Sega Mega Drive memories from my childhood – Streets of Rage. The second Streets of Rage was easily my favourite; the characters, levels, and my god THE MUSIC !!!. 26 years I’ve been waiting to play a new SOR game and its finally here guys !.

Thats right !, Streets of Rage 4 now has an official release date, it’ll be dropping next week on; PC, Xbox1, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, April 30th. The UK price will be £24.99 on Steam, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. If your an Xbox Gamepass subscriber, then lucky you ! You’ll be able to play Streets of Rage 4 via gamepass for free* on day 1.

*- Free when subscribed to Xbox Gamepass subscription. 

Those of you looking into buying physical copies of the game, good news again, Limited Run Games have Streets of Rage 4  pre-orders up for the Switch and PS4 physical versions of the game.

The digital / retail game will come with some nice extras too, like the original music, original characters. Theres x5 new characters to play as, as well as x12 from the first two games. Soundtracks from the first two games are included too, so youll be able to switch between your favourite music and characters from the new and old versions of the game, which I think is a really nice touch !

I’ll be playing SOR4 on gamepass first and foremost and will either pick it up for Switch or PS4 (for playing on the go) at a later date.

What platform will you buying this on ? Is it a Day 1 purchase for you? Let us know in the comments or over on our social media channels.

With all the madness happening in the world right now, with viruses and so on, whats going on with all these game demo’s dropping ? Not a bad thing by any means, yesterday on PC, PS4 and Switch the Trials of Mana demo dropped before its April release. You can play up to character level 7 in that demo and, just like Dragon Quest, your progress carries over to the full game.

Today, we’re blessed with another demo, Capcom’s Resident Evil 3 demo, which is now live to download via Xbox Live. It’ll be available on PS4 and PC later on today so keep your eyes peeled. What better way to spend some quality time in isolation playing a zombie virus outbreak game !

Update: The Demo is now live on all platforms (Xbox 1, PS4, PC).


Everyone remembers when the tech demo from Hideo Kojima and Del Toro dropped on the PS4 but it wasn’t too long after that that Konami decided to pull the plug on this masterpiece. PT, also showcased as ”Silent Hills” looked to be one of the most terrifying, psychological horror games of all time, yes i said it!, of ALL. TIME.

The P.T tech demo dropped on the PlayStation store out of nowhere and blew me and my friends away, some of which couldn’t play it to the end, as it was messing with them too much. Luckily for myself, I’m a huge horror fan so I did manage to get to the end of the tech demo, then something happened….

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I’m a big sucker for horror movies and horror games, so it was no surprise when I found out Blair Witch Project was coming out on various platforms, it was instantly on my radar.

A first person psychological thriller / horror game with no weapons, just pure immersion in the environment and all hell breaking loose around you, I had to check it out. So was it any good ? Lets find out….

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