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Squid Game: Season 1 (Netflix) – 2021

Where can I watch?: Netflix –

Length: x9 episodes (x1 hour each). 

You’ve probably heard loads about Squid game all over social media, on night talk shows like Jimmy Fallon and also perhaps seen the thumbnail for it in Netflix’s top 10 list if your a Netflix regular.

So what is Squid Game? 

Squid game is a Korean drama, TV show on Netflix directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, which was released earlier last month and has very quickly become (after just 10 days of airing) the fastest Korean TV show to take the #1 spot in Netflix’s top 10 globally.

There won’t be any spoilers in this review, as everyone really should watch it themselves, as its so well done. So what’s it about? In a nut shell, its about people, 456 to be exact, who are seriously struggling in life with debt issues, but they are offered a second chance to make a tonne of money to live a debt free life, by participating in a variety of basic, yet sometimes horrifically terrifying, ”kids” games. Think of it as a more barbaric version of Takeshi’s castle, a sort of, battle royale if you wish, where the last person standing ”wins”. If you lose, you lose with your life. Game Over. The rules are that simple. It actually reminded me of Battle Royale, a movie I watched back in university with some classmates which focussed on 9th grade students all taken to an island to basically kill each other in a ”game” under the governments revolutionary ”Battle Royale” act. If you haven’t seen that either, I’d highly recommend it.

So back to Squid Game, all 456 contestants are taken to this secret island off the mainland and are joined by similar characters, all whom are in some sort of serious debt issues. The island is run by guards with red / pink jumpsuits and black masks with shapes on them (denoting different ”ranks”) and  all operations are overseen by the ”frontman”, the person dressed all in black and the 3d black mask. After each game, the total amount of people eliminated = money deposited in the piggybank for all the remaining players, the last player standing wins the 45.6 Billion won.

You’re Invited: 456 Participants, 45.6 Billion won. (courtesy: Netflix)

Rapid Review

Although you could consider my viewing of this ”late to the party” since it aired back in September, I didn’t actually hear anything about this show – probably due to being off social media for a while. Scanning through Netflix last week though, I saw the Squid Game thumbnail and thought, hey, lets give it a watch, its something different after all. And…. Continue Reading