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As we all know, Metroid Dread is out this Friday, 8th of October on Nintendo Switch.

All will be revealed soon if us lucky ones who pre-ordered it at the misprice of £26.99 on Currys (UK) website will have it honoured or not *fingers crossed*. There is still plenty of time to pre-order it, of course, at the normal price of £40+ on various other websites, including Nintendo and the eshop directly. I can’t wait to try this out. I’ve seen some footage from Nintendo Life playing it and it looks like it plays super buttery smooth, so roll on Friday. I’ve not played Metroid for ages so I’m really looking forward to picking this one up.

Are you picking this one up or giving it a miss? Let me know in the comments below.

I never actually got round to picking up a GameCube back in the day. I do remember though – very well in fact – the week before its official launch in the UK, where I was blown away by how good Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II looked on the demo unit in the shop window. I also got my first shot of Luigi’s Mansion on the system at my local Game store, which was great fun. At the time though, I already had a PS2 and didn’t give the GameCube much attention.

I think after this, a friend in high school had loaned me his GC to play Resident Evil on and I was blown away at how realistic it looked, especially for a Nintendo console. I gave the console back after completing it and i don’t think I ever touched a GC controller after that until university, where the guys and girls were having a smash and Mario kart tournament in one of the social lounges. Again, a lot of fun, but I wasn’t interested at this point since the PS3 and Xbox 360 had been released.

That was of course, until recently….

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Nintendo is literally hours away from giving us all the juicy official details of their latest console, the Nintendo Switch. It seemed like it would be an age before Nintendo revealed all to us eager fans, but the time has finally come.

Nintendo’s full unveiling of the new console including: launch price, spec details and launch games will be shown to the world on the 13th of January at 4am (GMT). I’ll be capturing all the important details from the presentation and writing a separate article on it.

If you haven’t done so already, register your interest for the Switch (plus a chance to win a Nintendo Switch) via the official Nintendo website (UK) here:

If your as hyped as I am and reckon you’ll make the early start (depending on your time zone of course), then you can watch the live stream below: