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I tried RGB modding my JVC TM-150CG PVM a while back with some help from the guide over on the Shmups forums, but wanted a cleaner, all round, better looking install / finish to what I had done.

After scouring reddit, someone suggested just buying the input card for it, which at the time (late 2019), the official ones were real pricey at around £200-£400, depending on where you bought them from. With a little bit of searching earlier this year in 2021, I came across the JVC IF-C01COMG RGB card from Retro Upgrades UK  (link) that was compatible with my model

So I decided to purchase the RGB unit from them. They also have the BNC (YPbPr) version for component connectors, all for £49.99 which are compatible with the following JVC monitors:


JVC IF-C01COMG BNC YPbPr card for JVC Monitors – Image courtesy of Retro Upgrades UK

Simple plug and play setup, slide the card into the slot on the back of the PVM and you are good to go. It really is that simple. You also have the added benefit of using… Continue Reading

Everyone remembers when the tech demo from Hideo Kojima and Del Toro dropped on the PS4 but it wasn’t too long after that that Konami decided to pull the plug on this masterpiece. PT, also showcased as ”Silent Hills” looked to be one of the most terrifying, psychological horror games of all time, yes i said it!, of ALL. TIME.

The P.T tech demo dropped on the PlayStation store out of nowhere and blew me and my friends away, some of which couldn’t play it to the end, as it was messing with them too much. Luckily for myself, I’m a huge horror fan so I did manage to get to the end of the tech demo, then something happened….

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UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse, 16400DPI High Precision Laser RGB MMO Gaming Mouse

What’s in the box ?

This is going to sound really lazy to some (haha!), but I’ve been looking for a gaming mouse that would allow me to simplify the effort of having to troll through various menus / inventory systems in games, so that I can access the items and/or functions I need (i.e reload weapon, crouch, prone, first aid kits, energy drinks, spells and so on), more efficiently and most importantly, quicker ! Was looking through various mice and came across this from Utech, priced, currently at £29.99 on Amazon UK – the question is though, is it any good ? Click read more below to find out….

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Fife’s biggest gaming day EVER is coming to Kirkcaldy!

Society Club Kirkcaldy, Battle Lounge Fife, Showcase VR and Press Start Gaming Scotland are bringing a day and evening of gaming like you’ve never seen before!

We will have:

A retro gaming area: multiple consoles and games from the past – PS1, N64, Dreamcast just to name a few. With games you’ll love such as Mario Kart 64, Crash Bandicoot and many many more.


VR: We will have VR taster experiences with and array of games using the best tech in the field right now!

This will be an all day event with a session for kids and one just for adults from (with times to be agreed), Both sessions will have specific tournaments and activities!

There may be stalls with all Gaming Goodies!

Gaming Stalls will be also available.

Tickets will be £5: 

Kids Session 10am – 3:30pm – Everyone attending (All Kids and Accompanying Adults) will pay £5, the reason is to make sure we don’t over crowd this event and know numbers in the building for health and safety.

Adults Ticket 4:30pm – 9:00pm – £5 for everyone attending.