Nintendo’s eShop Summer Sale has just begun for the Nintendo Switch, 3DS and the Wii U (albeit x2 games on the WiiU).

If you thought Stranger Things 3 had a badass monster in it, wait until you check out this monstrous list (courtesy of Nintendo Life and Hot UK Deals)….

Some games are, in Nintendo fashion, still over priced but theres some great games at great prices on offer here – fire up your switches and 3ds’ and check them out.  Sale ends 25th July 2019.

Full Sale list below….

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Terminated !

Being a massive fan of the Terminator, I came across this T800 Endoskeleton piece on Amazon to put on my desk and decided to take the plunge. I was very surprised when it arrived, I didn’t think for just over £20 it would be any good in terms of build quality but I was wrong.

Its made from cast resin, finished in a metallic silver to give it a proper realistic look to how it does in the movies. The build quality is excellent with great attention to detail.  The eyes don’t light up sadly, but if caught in correct lighting, it does give off the impression they are lit up.

The top section of the skull is removable and so couples up as a decent enough storage piece to keep smaller items in such as; spare keys, loose change and so on.

I’ve had mine for about 9 months now and none of the paint has come off and its still metal looking shiny as I got it on day 1.

I know there are more realistic versions of this on the market, which much beefier price tags, but for the price this thing looks excellent and would make a nice room / desk piece for any Terminator fan.

This is currently around £23 on Amazon right now – if your a Terminator fan and don’t own one, do yourself a favour and treat yourself, you won’t be disappointed. “I’ll be back”. 


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If you have a Amazon Prime Video subscription, or like myself, if you are a member of Prime via another persons Amazon Prime membership (Prime allows one person to share the prime benefits with 4 other users), then you can grab 12-months of Nintendo Switch online for FREE through Twitch Prime.

Don’t worry if your already a Switch online member either, as this stacks – if you’ve got 8 months left on your current Switch online membership then these 12 months will add on.

Full deal details – 

All you need is: a Twitch Account, an Amazon Prime membership (or be listed on someone elses) and link your Twitch account to the Amazon account that has Amazon Prime on it and its a done deal. When you go through the deal it may appear to charge you £6.99 but rest assured this is the amount Nintendo ”would” charge you at the end of the initial 90 days.  The deal works by giving you 3 months FREE, then you need to set a reminder on your phone and return to the Twitch Loot screen after the 3 months and claim the remaining 9 months for FREE.

Really straightforward stuff and an amazing deal if you are a Prime member and own a Nintendo Switch. I got the first 3 months, then cancelled the auto renew on my switch (so it doesn’t charge me at the end of the 3 month period), then set a reminder on my phone to log into Twitch Prime in 3 months time to claim the remaining 9 months.

Deal expires on the 24th September 2019.

“Turn around now Switch”