If you own a PS Vita and or a Vita TV device, you’ll probably be familiar with the Content manager application on it, that allows you to transfer content between your Vita’s, PS3 and PC devices. You can transfer your game saves from your Vita games, PS1 classics and PSP games so you can continue your game on any of these devices. I know some folk, including myself, were having issues getting their Vita TV device to pair up with the content manager app on PC.

I’d started playing Resident Evil 3 on my vita a year ago (for the 1M’th time) and recently thought I’d finish it off by playing it on the big TV via my Vita TV. To turn in the save file, I connected my handheld vita device to my PC via the vita cable, with the content manager app installed on the PC, transferred the save from my Vita to the PC – all well and good. When I connected my Vita TV to the same LAN connection as my PC and went to connect my Vita TV to my PC to get the RE3 save, my PC was always greyed out, then it gave me messages like ”please ensure the network connection box is checked on the content manager app on PC” – which it was !. So, there was no way to get my Vita TV to connect to the app on the PC to obtain the RE3 save file.

I looked about on reddit and other websites for a fix for a good while and finally found out what the issue was…

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Well, who would have thought 2020 would have been infectious in the most tragic way possible?!?!, I certainly didn’t, you probably didn’t either – unless you were one of the psychic authors who predicted this in books 10 years ago, or Bill Gates !

Anyway….first of all, I hope everyone is doing well and massive apologies for the lack of updates on the site. I’ve been super busy working and renovating the cinema room in the house – pics coming soon. I’ve also been learning Unity (for app / game development) and also trying out a little mini project with a spare raspberry Pi and a CRT monitor – more on that in the next couple of weeks.

Alongside all this ive been trying to get into a schedule with all all this ”Stay at home” stuff we are doing. In fairness, I’ve been lucky that my job allows me to work from home for 90% of it, so no issues there. Ive also been able to get through some games I’ve had queuing up so its a bonus.

Which brings me nicely onto APRIL AS A GAMER – I mean seriously….what. the. hell !!! Gamers have been spoiled rotten: Doom Eternal, Animal Crossing on the Switch, Resident Evil 3 remake today,  Final Fantasy VII: Remake in a week, and Trials of Mana at the end of April. An immense time to be stuck at home if your a gamer in all seriousness !.

I passed on Doom but will pick it up once I’ve finished the 2016 version, and I’m waiting for Resident Evil 3 to drop sub £30. Animal Crossing, I’ve not played since the GameCube and was going to pass, but I couldn’t resist the ridiculously priced, digital only, pricing error from GAME at £31.99 so I just had to pick it up.

And last but not least, I can feel some hate coming….


That’s right, I was one of the many lucky ones to get my hands on my copy of FFVII remake, which I only pre-ordered on the 30th March btw ! I’m on Chapter 3 right now and its absolutely superb visually and gameplay wise. No spoilers, and all I can say is, everyone who plays this is going to be blown away. Like tape over your scalp with some strong tape as your mind is going to explode. I’m still in awe at the visuals, they are absolutely stunning in every-way possible.

I’ve also got Trials of Mana pre-ordered for the Switch and the PS4 (because?….why not?). Thats about it for now, I’ll be posting in the next few days, come follow me on my social media channels, I’m active on Twitter and on Instagram and will be doing more streams on Twitch too, which ill be announcing via Twitter, so don’t be shy and come chill out with me. Remember…

Stay safe and stay at home ! 


Lets be honest, the last release of the Commodore 64 (named the Commodore 64 mini) wasn’t all that was it ? The keyboard was only for show, so you couldn’t use it at all and yeah, it just didn’t get the love it deserved.


All you Commodore 64 and nostaglia-heads rejoice as this December, the Commodore 64 is getting the love it deserves, with a brand new, albeit slightly more expensive, but totally worth it in every-way imaginable, iteration – just in time for Christmas !

This version is not only full size, but also has a fully functioning keyboard (yes – you read that right !). The system will come with HDMI out to connect to any HDMI monitor or TV and will display in 720p. The C64 will come with three modes; C64, vic 20 and games carousel and also has built-in USB ports to save/load and sideload your own games. Check out the x64 in built games list below:

alleykat, anarchy, attack of the mutant camels, Avenger, battle Valley, bear bovver, boulder dash, bounder, California games, chips challenge, confuzion, cosmic causeway, cyberdyne warrior, cybernoid II, deflektor, Destroyer, Everyone’s a Wally, fire Lord, galencia, Gateway to apshai, gribbly’s day out, gridrunner (vic 20), heartland, herobotix, Highway encounter, hover bovver, impossible mission, impossible mission II, IO, iridis Alpha, jump man, Mega apocalypse, mission ad, Monty Mole, Monty on the run, Nabulus, Netherworld, nodes of yesod, paradroid, pit stop II, planet of death, psychedelia (vic 20), ranarama, Robin of the wood, Silicon warrior, skate crazy, speedball 2, spindizzy, Steel, Street sports baseball, Street sports basketball, summer games II (includes summer games events), Super cycle, sword of Far goal, Temple of apshai trilogy, the Arc of yesod, thing bounce back, thing on a spring, trailblazer, Uridium, who dares wins II, winter Games, world games, zynaps.

The unit will also have full C64 and vic 20 BASIC built in allowing you to program your own games or do a little bit of coding in BASIC. A new joystick is also bundled in the package, with brand new switches so lets see how it compares to the joystick we saw in the mini version.

The Commodore 64 is being released on the 5th of December this year just in time for Christmas and I reckon it makes for an ideal Christmas present for any retro gaming fan.

When the PlayStation Classic was initially released, I, like many of you were pretty dissapointed with all the negative reviews online, especially relating to the UK version of the unit that had itsoriginal display setting of 50Hz, which was reported to make the games look really jittery when playing.

I ended up cancelling my pre-order, which looking back was a good thing. I managed to finally get my hands on a PS classic at a small gaming expo and I know exactly why people were complaining – they had every right to!. When my niece played cool boarders on it I couldn’t believe how bad it played, it just looked like I could see almost every frame taking place right in front of my eyes. It was a total mess.

Thankfully though, as most of you are probably aware by now, especially those of you how own a PS classic mini – BleemSync has come to the rescue!  You can install this piece of software onto a USB stick and load your own PS1 games onto it plus a whole lot more, blowing the back-doors off your PS mini. For us UK owners, we can finally change the gameplay display frequency from 50Hz to 60Hz which makes the games run a hell of a lot smoother. I managed to bag a PS classic in the Prime Day sale here in the UK for £15, less with the rest of my discount I had, so I ended up paying about £11 or so for it.

Without further adieu then, lets talk BleemSync, what is it?, what does it do? and how do we get it up and running on the PS Classic Mini  ? Click ”continue reading” below to find out….


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Last week was a pretty special week in tech with the announcement and public release of the Raspberry Pi 4.

x3 models are now available each with different specs; 1GB RAM, 2GB RAM and the 4GB RAM model. Lets take a look at the raspberry Pi 4 in more detail…

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E3 2019 is a wrap so let’s take a look of some of the awesome games we’ll be seeing real soon…


Microsoft had a decent enough E3 this year in fairness. I’m not quite sure I’m ready for next gen consoles right now, I am, but at the same time I still think this gen has still so much more to offer, especially after this years E3. Where does the time go. Anyway, Microsoft announced the next gen Xbox console, project scarlett capable of 8K gaming and playing some games at 120 fps. Let’s touch on some of Microsoft’s biggest E3 announcements.

Cyberpunk 2077: Release Date – April 2020 

Cyberpunk will eventually be available on PC, PS4 and XBOX but Microsoft really showed how awesome this game is going to be. NVIDIA is onboard with RTX for the game, so all you RTX GFX card owners will certainly be in for a treat.

The biggest surprise here was when Keanu Reeves rocked up onto the stage and we were all told Keanu, Mr John Wick himself, will be a character in the game called Johnny Silverhand. Cyberpunk 2077 is available to pre-order now and is set for release in April 2020.

Blair Witch Project

If you know me, you know I’m a horror game and horror movie junkie, I absolutely love scary stuff – especially games. PT on the PS4 (that was eventually pulled from the PS store), RESIDENT EVIL VR, Silent Hill, Outlast are some of my favourite horror games – so it’s no surprise saying I’m really looking forward to playing this new first person horror game, Blair Witch Project. Check out some of the development gameplay footage below:


Phantasy Star Online 2 – finally coming to the West and FTP ! 

This was massive for me…

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