4 comments on “Nintendo 64 – The 20th Anniversary

  1. Hi m8, I moved house selling my ninty64 in the process. Rebought one 3 months ago. Should think about buying one again !

    Fave game fr me was DK. Do you remember blast corps ??

    • Chris,

      It has crossed my mind many times, believe me. I just think trying to re-buy all the great games I had will cost a ”lot” of money, but never say never. I may do it I’ve been collecting Gamecube games recently, as I never owned a Gamecube when I was younger. I might start collecting for N64 once again, but we’ll see. Blast corps I owned and gave to a friend, it was a great game !

  2. Of all the games released, biggest thing was being able to play pokemon on my TV using the gameboy attachment you got with pokemon stadium

    • Ah yes, the gameboy transfer pak attachment, you know at the time it was something else. Think you could only play pokemon games on it but still, it was wicked back in the day !

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